Welcome to the 2019 People Matter Employee Survey

This survey provides an important opportunity for almost 400,000 employees in NSW to have a say about their workplace and to help make your workplace a better place to work.

It goes to approximately 100 organisations providing a wide range of essential services to the citizens of NSW, including health, education, transport, justice, family support, finance, planning, the environment, industry, and many other areas.

The survey is your opportunity to communicate directly with your leadership team. It will ask you about your own work as well as your experiences of working with your team, manager and organisation.

You are asked to be thoughtful, honest and candid when completing this survey.

The survey is completely confidential and is being managed by ORC International, an independent research organisation. Individual answers will not be seen by supervisors, managers, or your organisation. The results are merged together, not reported individually. Where people work in small teams, the results are merged with larger teams.

Your organisation will receive reports that summarise the responses from their employees. The results will be used by organisations to identify areas of good practice and to make improvements where needed using the evidence from this survey to enact local-level changes and help make the NSW public sector a better place to work for everyone.

Your participation in this survey is important and we thank you for your assistance.